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Why You Should Travel to London at Least Once in Your Life

London is a vibrant cosmopolitan city that boasts of a unique blend of modern culture and historic traditions. When you travel to this city, you get an opportunity to enjoy crumpets and tea while celebrating its royal roots. You also get a chance to visit the slick gastro-pub to enjoy gourmet drinks and dinner. And, regardless of how selective you are, you will find a reason to travel to London again.

Inescapable attractions

London is home to iconic attractions in the UK. These include the Natural History Museum. This museum boasts of the collection of the tallest, rarest, and biggest animals in the globe. When you travel to London and visit this museum, you get a chance to see the 40-million-year-old spider or the life-sized blue whale.

Great shopping experience

Regardless of how selective you are when it comes to shopping, you will most likely be addicted to shopping in London. That’s because the city has virtually everything that you want to purchase. From the West End boutique nature to Oxford Street flagship stores, this city bristles with amazing shopping opportunities. It has great markets that include Portobello Road in the Notting Hill.  Here, you will find a taste of local and traditional London.

Great sporting events

The UK’s capital is never short of sporting events. Majority of the top English Premier League game s are played in London. What’s more, London is home to some of the prestigious sporting fields including the Wembley Stadium, Twickenham, Lords, and Wimbledon.

An ever-growing artistic scene

This city provides some of the best musical scenes in the world. When you travel to London, you get an opportunity to discover a different kind of show. The most recent shows from London that you may have seen and liked include Mamma Mia, Phantom of the Opera, and The Miserable. One thing that makes modern London musicals stand out is the fact that they are targeted at a larger audience.

Spectacular skyline

London has an iconic skyline due to its magnificent buildings that include St Paul’s Cathedral. Some of these buildings have been around for thousands of years while others like The Shard have entered this fray. Such buildings make many travelers visit London just to see how the contemporary capital of the UK is taking shape. Generally, these buildings give the London skyline a spectacular view.

In addition to these reasons to travel to London, many people visit this city due to its awesome accommodation, parks, and Thames River.