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More Useful Tips and Hacks for Budget Travelers

You might find yourself going through the social media feeds as you daydream of a faraway land. It’s also normal to yearn to go on a life-changing adventure and admire inspiring travel photography. Unfortunately, your tight budget may always be the reason you never make your travel dream a reality. In fact, small budgets are the major reason why many people don’t travel. However, it’s possible to travel with a tight budget. Here are useful tips and hacks to help you travel with a small budget.

Travel during the Off-Peak Season
Learn about travel seasonality. Know the off-peak seasons for different travel destinations because they vary from one place to another. During the peak period, travel destinations receive many tourists. Therefore, they hike their prices and fees. During off-peak, most travel destinations offer discounts to attract more travelers. Take advantage of such discounts and offers to travel on a small budget. Visit to find some great destinations at cheap prices.

Stay in a Hostel
It’s obvious that you can’t afford a 5 star hotel when traveling on a tight budget. As such, a hostel is the best accommodation option for you. Hostels are wallet-friendly options for budget travelers when compared to resorts, hotels and rental homes. There are different types of hostels to choose from including relaxing hostels, rural hostels, exotic hostels, and party hostels. Hostels have common meeting places. Majority of them also provide free food. Thus, you save money that you would spend on breakfast when you stay in hostels. Some even have pizza nights, BBQ nights and baked goods.

Choose the Off-Beaten Paths
Tourist traps are an absolute nightmare for budget travellers. It’s true that there is a reason why they are popular. However, there are many things to do and see in most places that you travel to.

Remember that though some places seem off-beaten, they are gaining increasing popularity especially among the backpackers that want to discover the gems hidden in them.


Treasure Your Experiences
Don’t go for material things when you travel on a small budge. Instead, treasure your experiences. People overrate souvenirs. Therefore, instead of getting back home with many touristy paraphernalia in your suitcase, focus on doing things that provide lasting experiences and memories.

Your travel will be happier and your bag will be lighter when you opt to treasure experiences and memories over touristy items. You will also save money when you avoid collecting touristy paraphernalia and focus on creating memories.

Share a Trip and Costs
Travel with family members or friends to share the costs of the trip. Many people do this when traveling on a budget. For instance, you can plan a weekend trip with the family of your friend especially if you belong to the same age group. In addition to the financial benefits that you get when you split food and lodging cost, your kids will have more fun spending time together.
Basically, your student loan or entry-level salary should not hinder you from traveling. With sufficient, right information, attitude, and strategy, budget travelers can enjoy what the world has to offer without spending all their savings.


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